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Digital Identity for You

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Verify your identity once, use it anytime and anywhere

Sometimes we are asked to prove who we are when we want to access an online service.

It can take time and effort to collect your important documents and visit a government shop front or office each time you need to prove who you are.

Your Digital Identity allows you to prove who you are online for work, education and personal use, and you can re-use your Digital Identity whenever you need it.

Each time you use your Digital Identity, you will be asked to give consent before any of your details are shared with the service you want to access.


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The decision to create and use a Digital Identity is up to you. 

If you can’t use Digital Identity, or don’t want to, you can keep accessing government services on the phone or in person at government shop fronts across the country. 

Age requirements

Currently, the Australian Government's identity provider, myGovID requires people to be 15 years or older to create a Digital Identity.

Identity proofing levels

When accessing or applying for services, you often need to prove who you are. Different services have different identity requirements, depending on the level of risk of incorrectly verifying you, or providing the service to the wrong person. Find out more about the identity proofing levels the Australian Government uses.

Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

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